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The following is a list of various citizen committees that advise the Commission on specific subjects. For more information about the specific qualifications or meeting schedules for individual boards, please contact the City Secretary's Office.

Applications follow this list and should be submitted either in hard or soft copies to the City Secretary's Office for Commission consideration at the time of any vacancy. Board applications are retained through October 1 of each year.

Board Name Members Term Appointed By Ordinance
Adjustments & Appeals to Zoning Ord. 5 2 Years City Commission Sec 150-19
Adjustments & Appeals to Building Codes 7 4 Years City Commission Art IX Sec 280-283
Ambulance Advisory Board 7 2 Years City Commission Art I Sec 14-1
Animal Shelter Advisory Committee 5* _ Years City Commission Ord 2012-02
Civil Service Commission 3 3 Years CM - Confirmed by CC Ch 143
Economic Development Corporation 7 _ Years City Commission Bylaws Art of Inc
Hotel Occupancy Tax Advisory Committee 7 3 Years City Commission Ord 2015-09
Housing Authority Board 5 2 Years Mayor LGC Sec 392.033
Library Board 5 2 Years City Commission Art II Sec 78.21-28
Parks & Recreation Advisory Board 7 3 Years City Commission Art IV Sec 98
Planning & Zoning Commission 7 3 Years City Commission Art III Sec 2.98-103
Public Facilites & Transportation Improvements 7 3 Years City Commission Ord 2011-16
Weslaco Drainage Citizens' Task Force 7 1 Year City Commission R2018-44
Weslaco Health Facilities Development Corporation 3+ 6 Years City Commission Art 1528j, Vernons TX Civil Statue
Weslaco Mid-Valley Airport Committee 7 3 Years City Commission Art II Sec 6-33
Weslaco Recycling Committee Task Force 10 1 Year City Commission R2017-20
Weslaco 100 Committee 16 3 Years City Commission R2013-52