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The Communications Division is the first point of contact for emergency service and a vital link between the citizens of Weslaco and the Weslaco Police Department and Weslaco Fire Department. The Communications Division is currently staffed with one (1) Communications Manager, and eleven (11) Public Safety Communications Officers who provide 24/7 coverage for our community. 

By answering 911 and non-emergency calls in a prompt, efficient, and professional manner and dispatching the appropriate response, we help save lives, protect property, and assist citizens in their time of need.


Calling / Texting 91


Non-Emergency (956) 968-8591

CALL 9-1-1                                               DO NOT CALL 9-1-1
To report a crime in progress                                     For General Information
To report a fire                                                               Minor Accidents without injuries 
To save a life                                                                  Barking Dogs
Stay calm and speak clearly!                                  Power Outages
                                                                                        Or as a prank


Get Help in an Emergency 

Dial 9-1-1

   Here are a few things to know

   if you need to TEXT

   an emergency to 9-1-1
  • When you call for help, what you say is important
  • Stay calm and speak clearly
  • Say what is wrong and what kind of help you need
  • Tell the 911 operator where the emergency is
  • Give your name and number, or remain anonymous 
  • Follow the operator's instructions-stay on the line until you are told to hang up
  • When using text to 9-1-1 please remember “Call when you can, text when you can’t.” Texting should only be used when you are unable to make a voice call to 9-1-1.

  • Do not text and drive.
  • Text location information is not as robust as current location technology.
  • The first thing 9-1-1 needs to know is location and type of help needed.
  • Text in full words.
  • Be prepared to answer questions and follow instructions from the 9-1-1 call taker.
  • Like all text messages, messages can take longer to receive, messages can get out of order or your message may not be received at all.
  • If texting to 9-1-1 is not available in your area or is temporarily unavailable you should receive a message on your phone to indicate that the text was not received by 9-1-1.