901 N. Airport Drive
Weslaco, TX 78599
Emergencies: 9-1-1
Ph.: (956) 968-8591
Fx.: (956) 969-0762

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Community Outreach
The Community Outreach Division is commanded and directed by an assigned Captain that oversees one (1) lieutenant, two (2) sergeants, four (4) Police Area Representatives (PARs) officers and one (1) Public Information Officer (PIO). The Community Outreach Division is directly responsible for creating a positive police/community relationship. Additionally, they take a pro-active approach to eliminating pattern crime through community education.

Community Outreach Lieutenant, Sergeants and PAR Officers
The Outreach Lieutenant is responsible for oversight of both Outreach Sergeants, the four (4) Police Area Representatives (PARs). The Lieutenant also coordinates both peace officer and community trainings.  The Outreach Sergeant reports directly to the Outreach Lieutenant and oversees the day-to-day efforts of the PARs. The Outreach PARs are directly responsible for:
•    police/community presentations
•    social media updates
•    neighborhood watch programs
•    business watch programs
•    public education campaigns
Public Information Officer (PIO)
The Public Information Officer will use all available avenues of communication, including press releases, briefings, press conferences and social media, to maintain open channels of communication with media representatives and the public about the status and progress of the event, taking all opportunities to reassure the public about the professional management of the event. 

Crime Stoppers