901 North Airport Drive
Weslaco, TX 78599
Ph.: (956)968-8591 | Fx: (956)969-0762
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Chief of Police
The Chief of Police is responsible for administering and managing the Weslaco Police Department Administration. 
The Administrative staff consist of:

Assistant Chief of Police
The Administrative Division is commanded by the Assistant Chief of Police, whose primary responsibility is to provide grant management,  physical fitness coordinator, and general management Four (4) Divisions:


Office of Professional Responsibility
A Lieutenant investigates complaints filed against police officers by citizens: Interviews complainants to identify accused officers and obtain facts concerning complaints. Records interviews using a recording device and prepare charges and responses to charges, using recorded information as a reference. Conducts investigations to establish facts supporting complainant or accused, using supportive information from witnesses or tangible evidence.  Takes part in the civil service hiring process, including agility test, schedules polygraph test for consenting parties, and records results of test interpretations for presentation with findings, and background checks.

Administrative Secretary I
Administrative Secretary, Roxanne Saavedra, is responsible for managing the affairs of the Office of the Chief of Police.  She is responsible for the scheduling of appointments for both the Assistant Chief and the Chief of Police.  Additionally, she handles all incoming phone calls as they relate to the Office of the Chief of Police.  Moreover, Ms. Saavedra is tasked with the responsibility of accounts payable.  

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