Office of Professional Responsibility

PD Administration
300 S. Bridge Ave, 
Weslaco, TX 78596
Ph: (956)968-8591
Fx: (956)969-0762

If you feel a Weslaco Police Department Officer acted improperly, you may file a complaint with any Weslaco Police Supervisor, who will forward the complaint to the Office of Professional Responsibility. The Office of Professional Responsibility will review the complaint and direct it to the proper channels.

Complaints are accepted anonymously, orally or in a signed written form. Due to Civil Service Laws, the Department is limited in the disposition of anonymous and oral complaints. Written signed complaints are much more useful in the Department's constant efforts to upgrade its public service. Just as citizens who are arrested must be notified of the charges against them, the police officer is allowed to view the complaint before any disciplinary action may be taken.
Complaints must be made by the person who claims to be aggrieved. Other persons may give statements as witnesses.
Investigators will conduct a thorough investigation of your complaint, and you will be advised of the results sustained, unsustain or unfounded .


Complaint Packet  (PDF Form) 
  • Drop it off at the Police Department front desk;
  • Give it to any Weslaco Department officer or employee;
  • Mail it to the Police Department to 901 N. Airport, Weslaco, Texas, 78596;
  • Fax it to the Police Department at (956)969-0762
  • Email it to the Police Department at