City of Weslaco completes another major drainage improvement project

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The City of Weslaco is committed to improving the quality of life of all residents, from families to students to local businesses.

City staff and our drainage project team met this week to do a walkthrough of a recently completed drainage project. 

These major drainage improvements add significant rainwater capacity to our system to alleviate flooding in the event of future storms. This additional two-mile system benefits hundreds of families in southeast Weslaco as well as the Weslaco East High School community and neighborhoods near the school. 

Before this project, pipes were undersized and drainage infrastructure, in some areas, was non-existent, so this is a huge accomplishment for our entire city to include our proud citizens of Weslaco.

The Weslaco City Commission has prioritized drainage improvements, and our work continues. We are currently constructing another drainage project, a regional detention facility to hold large amounts of rainwater. 

After the $10 million drainage bond passed in 2019, the city has completed the following projects: 

  • NEW CONSTRUCTION: The Southeast Weslaco drainage improvement project, completed this week. 
  • NEW EQUIPMENT: Floodwater pumps project that benefits the entire city of Weslaco. 
  • NEW CONSTRUCTION: Flapgates drainage improvement project that benefits the entire city of Weslaco by preventing rainwater from back flowing from the drainage system.
  • NEW CONSTRUCTION: Southwest Weslaco regional detention facility (RDF) drainage project
  • NEW CONSTRUCTION: South-central Weslaco regional detention facility (RDF) drainage project 
  • NEW IMPROVEMENTS: East Weslaco ditch reconstruction 
  • NEW EQUIPMENT: Long reach excavator to clear drainage ditches of debris. The new excavator is operated by public works crews.
  • NEW EQUIPMENT: Vactor truck to clear storm drains of debris. The automated high-pressure water jetting and remarkable vacuum power—all in one tool is operated by public works crews.

The following projects are currently under construction or in the engineering phase: 

  • NEW CONSTRUCTION: East Weslaco regional detention facility (RDF) drainage project
  • NEW CONSTRUCTION: Central Weslaco new drainage system project
  • NEW CONSTRUCTION: North Weslaco drainage improvements and regional detention facility (RDF) project
Additionally, city crews regularly maintain existing drainage systems to clear it of debris. 


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