Mosquito spraying to begin this week after heavy rainfall

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The City of Weslaco will begin conducting vector control this week after heavy rainfall impacted our area over the last few days. 

The city conducts effective mosquito control to reduce the mosquito population and prevent or reduce mosquito-related outbreaks. The city's mosquito control program also enhances the enjoyment of outdoor activities at our parks. 
Throughout the week, city crews will utilize truck-mounted spraying systems to disperse mosquito control spray along public roadways as well as in public parks. While the city cannot spray the fine mist on private properties, citizens are encouraged to participate in mosquito population-reducing measures such as utilizing insect repellent when outdoors, cutting tall grass, and emptying or removing standing water.

The city will conduct the spraying during the early morning and evening hours of August 16-19 and again from August 23-26. Crews also began placing larvicide in standing water on Monday to reduce the mosquito population in Weslaco.

View the mosquito control schedule below: 
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City of Weslaco Mosquito Control Map: