Weslaco Animal Care Services Shares Pet Education With Children

WACS with tracy

In April, Weslaco Animal Care Services crew teamed up with Tracie Voss from Tracy's Paws Rescue to help educate children at Airport Elementary about responsible pet ownership.

It is vital to teach the younger generations on the importance of animal welfare. 

tracy reading

The City of Weslaco recognized that the overpopulation of strays is something that needs to be changed through education and responsible pet ownership. 

tracy edward

Airport Elementary children were able to hear from Tracy Voss who read a story about Edward, a dog who was rescued and was able to become strong and healthy thanks to special care he received.

That day, Weslaco Animal Care Services made a promise to the kids to go back and take them a gift.

DSC_9217 (2)

On May 12, Weslaco Animal Care Officer Aguilera and Officer Orellana returned to the school and gifted the students their very own Edward.

DSC_9213 (2)

Weslaco Animal Care Services was able to provide the stuffed animals thanks to a generous donation from Tracy Voss from Tracy's Paws Rescue.

DSC_9207 (2)

The children were excited to take home their very own Edward. 

DSC_9224 (2)

by Maggie Perez, City of Weslaco