CDL Simulation Training at Weslaco Public Works

Weslaco Public Works Department held a simulation training for CDL drivers on July 25, 2023. 


CDL simulators offer a safe and controlled environment for Public Works employees to enhance their driving skills, whether it's operating an excavator, highway vehicle, landfill truck, tanker truck, or dumper truck.


Led by Instructor Bobby Vickery of Texas Environmental Training & Compliance, LLC, employees were able to enhance their driving skills on different types of simulated motorized vehicles.


The class initiated with going over the rules of the road, the many dangers, and the responsibility as a CDL driver on the road. After the lecture, the class moved on to a mobile trailer stationed at Public Works. They were each tasked with completing a simulated scenario according to their daily tasks. 


The benefits of the simulator are tremendous as it significantly reduces the risk of accidents and vehicle damage, saving costs and ensuring safety. It's a cost-effective solution compared to traditional training methods, eliminating fuel and maintenance expenses. The versatility of simulators prepares Weslaco employees for real-life driving scenarios, from adverse weather to traffic congestion, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle any challenge on the job.


This simulator also provides assessment tools, allowing supervisors to pinpoint areas for improvement and provide targeted feedback. This builds confidence and competence in employees, making them better drivers.


Employees gain valuable knowledge as they encounter various obstacles through the simulation and are able to discuss best ways of going through the situation.


Public Works Director David Arce mentions: "CDL simulator training is a vital investment for public works. It enhances skills, safety, and efficiency while reducing costs and environmental impact. It builds a confident and competent workforce ready to tackle any driving challenge that comes their way."
Employees receiving training hold CDL Class A or B licenses and have prior experience in such vehicles. 

By Maggie Perez
City of Weslaco