Weslaco Opens New Fire Station


Weslaco, TX - September 28, 2023

In an event filled with enthusiasm and community spirit, the long-awaited opening of Weslaco Fire Station No. 2 was celebrated with a successful ribbon cutting. Months of careful planning and unwavering dedication from both the community and first responders culminated in this significant achievement.

Strategically situated in the heart of Central Weslaco, the state-of-the-art fire station is set to assume a pivotal role in safeguarding the safety and well-being of the city's residents. Central Weslaco, home to a significant portion of the city's population, will now benefit from expedited emergency response times thanks to this new station.

The station stands as a testament to the commitment of Weslaco's brave firefighters and emergency personnel. They are not only ready but also fully equipped to serve the community with the highest degree of professionalism, efficiency, and care.


This milestone could not have been reached without the contributions of countless individuals who dedicated their time and effort to make this vision a reality. The opening of Weslaco Fire Station No. 2 marks a significant turning point in the city's emergency response capabilities, emphasizing the unwavering commitment to protect the lives and property of its residents.


As Weslaco looks ahead, it does so with confidence in the capabilities of Fire Station No. 2 and the dedicated personnel who staff it. In times of need, residents can rest assured that the heroes at Weslaco Fire Station No. 2 will be there to respond promptly and professionally.

With the safety and well-being of the community in focus, Weslaco welcomes this remarkable addition to its emergency response infrastructure.


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by Maggie Perez
City of Weslaco